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High School Maths Tutoring  //  What We Do

High School Maths

SUM-IT-UP MATHS thrives on building confidence in our learners. We feel that confidence and mind set are key factors in applying the concepts of Maths. With practice, accomplishment and praising our learners become motivated and begin to enjoy the challenges of the subject.

Before major exams we ask learners to come in over and above their two hours allocated for the week for free mock exams. The purpose of our mock exams is to help learners cope under exam pressure, and to help them recognise mark allocation. Unfortunately, for some learners knowing their work during lessons is one thing but working under exam pressure is another.

Our 3:1 Ratio, helps our learners feel more at ease as they are not singled out; the numbers are small and manageable, and no learner is left behind.

We strictly follow the school syllabus. Work is pre-set to meet the individual learner’s needs. Our learners attend lesson twice a week for an hour at a time. We re-enforce the work covered in class during that specific week. Besides re-enforcement we understand that a learner may need to be taken back to specific aspects relating to a section. The learners may for instance have missed fundamental steps; we identify the gap, go back and re-teach the basics in order to build strong foundations.

Each learner improves at their own pace and it is essential to understand that Mathematics is not a quick fix but rather a long term commitment.