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Mathematics Tutoring Services  //  What We Do

Tutoring Services

We provide a mathematics tutorial service.

Each child is given a monthly charge wherein they are to attend 8 or 4 lessons a month, depending on their package , which is either once or twice a week. Each lesson is an hour long. Missed lessons need to be caught up within thirty days or the lessons are forfeited. We require the pupils to stick to their prearranged times as we work out staff according to the amount of children each hour.

Our advantage is that our lessons are individually based. A ratio of pupils to teachers is 3:1 this small group method has the effect of making the pupils feel more at ease as they are not singled out; the numbers are small, manageable and no child is left behind. Having this ratio helps to lower costs, so each child’s fees do not have to factor in tutors hourly rate.

Maths work is preset to meet the individual pupil’s needs and special support is given to each student. Many schools recommend us to parents if the child is struggling at school. Most of our advertising is word of mouth and our reputation is well kept.

Extra maths is always going to be a necessity, with maths getting more complex and education organizations dropping the ball with failed educational programmes. As well as bigger classes where the children fall through the cracks.